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T&T Donated $10,000 to ECCEA

Tina Lee 李佩婷, the CEO of Canada‘s largest Asian food supermarket chain, T&T Supermarket, had personally experienced and directly benefited from the “eCompuChinese Methodology”. Started from Go100 course, she has built a solid foundation in listening, speaking, reading & typing Chinese. On June 17, 2017, Tina proudly presented a $10,000 cheque on behalf of T&T Supermarket to Ms. Emily Yih, the President of “ECCEA:eCompuChinese Education Association”. Tina’s presenting speech, made in fluent Mandarin, reminded our students the importance of overseas Chinese language learning and to preserve Chinese culture and heritage.

As a second generation Chinese Canadian, Tina has incorporated Eastern and Western cultures in her 30 T&T stores to provide high quality grocery to Canadians. In addition, she truly cares about the different needs in the Asian community. In the past two years, she had sponsored both “Meng Sheong Foundation – Long Term Care Centre” and “CCYAA - Chinese Canadian Youth Athletic Association” to support senior care improvement and junior fitness program.

In year 2015, T&T sponsored ECCEA’s event - “A different Year of Sheep - Chinese New Year Fun Activity” at its South Unionville location. Tina was inspired by this well received event and committed to sponsor ECCEA’s program in the community. T&T’s donation will help in upgrading teaching software and classroom equipment, funding teachers training and student scholarship program. With T&T’s donation, our students are better driven and engaged to become “Chinese Language Teacher’s Helper” and obtain their community service hours by passing the highest level of “The Chinese Proficiency Progression Assessment” along with the completion of 40 digital Thematic Writing Assignments. Under this positive movement, our graduate students will more likely to achieve ECCEA certified “Mobile Chinese Teacher” status in the future, which could benefit more overseas students and eventually realize the vision of “Chinese’s Everywhere & Chinese Way To Go”!

Chinese Media Report on ECCEA Year of Sheep New Year Fun Activity Event:

  • On the last day of this semester, Easy321 welcomed Tina Lee, CEO of T&T Supermarket. Tina shared with Saturday 1 class her valuable experience on utilizing eCompuChinese Methodology to achieve success in Chinese learning. Her fluent Mandarin and warm personality impressed our students and their parents. “The big cheque” holders were two sets of twins – Hannah / Olivia and Ryan / Rebecca.

  • ECCEA presented Tina the Certificate of Appreciation and Go Chinese Series Textbooks to express their gratitude for T&T’s support! Photo of Tina and ECCEA staffs and volunteers (from left to right)

Francis Yih 易積翔、Fan Yih 易凡、Katherine Yang 楊遠齡、Tina Lee 李佩婷、 Emily Yih 薛意梅、Amy Tsao 曹璧帆、Valentina Chu 朱婉亭和 Annabel Chu 朱昱凝

  • Chloe 夏祥雯 and her twin sisters Hannah 夏祥坤 & Olivia 夏祥昱 from the Hsia Family presented a bouquet to Tina with heartfelt appreciation and said ”Thank you for helping us learning Chinese better” and they also used T&T’s slogan “It’s so good to have T&T” to express their gratitude for Tina’s support!

Shia's Video: My Signature Dish

  • Canada born Grade 8 student, Johnathan Kan, came from a Cantonese speaking family. He was the recipient of the $100 Scholarship and presented with the Level 5 Chinese Proficiency Progression Assessment Certificate. He was recognized for his outstanding typing speed of 87.8 WPM with 95.8% accuracy. Tina was impressed with Jonathan's ability to type Chinese faster than she types English. Tina understood that the main challenge in Chinese typing is to achieve total accuracy in both pronunciation and word selection, which would really put one’s Chinese skill to the test.

Johnathan Kan's 簡子敬 “My Signature Dish”

  • Canada born Grade 8 student, Matthew Kuo, was the recipient of “Diligent and Perseverance Award” along with the $100 Scholarship. Matthew was recognized for his dedication and hardworking in learning Chinese. Despite his busy school schedule and extracurricular activities, Matthew had committed a great deal of his time and energy in pursuing excellence in Chinese learning.


“My idol” made by Matthew Kuo 郭祖平:

  • Canada born, Singapore Chinese Joyce Ang, a Grade10 student, has passed Level 7 Chinese Proficiency Progression Assessment with 100 % accuracy. She can speak and type the 800 high frequency words perfectly.

Joyce Ang 洪昕怡 Chinese New Year :

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